Basic Package

$33 Per Month Billed Annually
A proven comprehensive training course specifically designed to help anyone who is looking to become a licensed Mortgage Loan Officer, or MLO. The study material typically given for test prep has additional information not needed, often has the potential candidate studying material not needed. With the average pass rate of only 58% for those taking the test for the first time, we’re releasing this invaluable proven coursework with the material needed to successfully take and pass the SAFE Exam, and an actual success rate of 89%, where others fail in comparison.

The information in this coursework better prepares the candidate for the SAFE, also providing, and easy to understand overview of the fundamentals of a mortgage loan from origination, application, disclosures, funding, and servicing. Upon completion of this course, they’re now ready for sales training to help them succeed in any rate environment.
Included in this package:
  • A condensed version of the material that is a need to know to help take and pass the SAFE Exam
  • SAFE specific courses and practice exams
  • A full glossary of all mortgage related terms and acronyms
  • Basic mortgage fundamentals and forms with detailed easy to understand description allowing them to further delve into their sales training faster.

Standard Package

$125 Per Month Billed Annually
This package is designed to help the newly licensed loan officer, even the seasoned veteran be better equipped to succeed in any rate environment. This package provides any loan officer, regardless of experience who hasn’t been formally trained in the art of taking an application and how to properly educate your clients realize financial success. You’ll get detailed Scripting that has been proven successful still today, now understanding ‘the why’ behind what to ask and why we ask. This material has created millionaires and a culmination of over 20 years of up and down markets, still being used today. Stop staring at what rates will do and stop struggling! This will change your life and the lives of all your clients!
Included in this package:
  • The Basic course for beginners
  • High converting sales Scripts and tactics with a long version designed to help you better understand ‘the why’ behind every question and how to convert more business. We’ve also provided a printable short-version Script to help as you’re calling your prospects.
  • Preemptive tactics and questions to ask to help overcome objections before they become an objection. (These are already built in the Scripting to help have a better call flow.
  • Objection busters that work! We’ve provided the top 10 objections where most fail to convert. This gives you exactly what to say, with different versions to help make it yours.
  • The most important objection where most fail is credit. We’ve dedicated an entire piece to help you understand your prospects mindset, and how to easily overcome this regardless of why they have concerns. This will easily help you obtain credit, so you are discussing a real-time solution in any situation.
  • Marketing Success made easy with an array of options others are using today giving you a better understanding on where to start and what others are doing today and finding success
  • Newly added updates and guaranteed to help increase your current production and find more business! A real-time solution on what all are facing today and proven to work. You’ll better understand your potential client’s mindset, and how you’ll help guide them to financial success with exact Scripting that works!

Deluxe Package

$167 Per Month Billed Annually Most Popular
This package is our best! We’ve included everything from the Basic package and our Standard which will help any individual or company who may be struggling, and or seeing high attrition rates. Knowledge is power, and this program will change conversion rates immediately!

You’ll have access to our ultimate tool for mortgage brokers, the Mortgage Loan Analysis. With this powerful tool, you can quickly and easily create tailored mortgage scenarios for your clients. At a click of a button see different scenarios to make informed decisions, see how different loan amounts, interest rates, and loan terms affect the monthly payment and total cost, get a better understanding of their mortgage options to make more informed decisions along with versatile selling points that are curated for each loan.
Included in this package:
  • Basic and Standard packages
  • Continued updates added to help expand your business with real-time success stories
  • Our one-of-a-kind Mortgage Loan Analysis is designed to help everyone find immediate success when structuring and pitching a loan. Whether a newly licensed loan officer, or a seasoned veteran, this will help you close more loans! A simple plug and play data entry tool anyone can use that provides successful real-time educational responses your client can easily understand the benefits of any loan scenario. This aligns with the Scripting provided, giving detailed information to better equip the loan officer with a simple click of a mouse. No fumbling around trying to think of why the loan is the best for the client! This feature alone will help anyone in any market guaranteed! Those who are using this have seen immediate results in conversion and you can too! Stop worrying about the rates and start closing loans today!

Ultimate Package

Our all-inclusive package for companies who wish to give access to a sales group of over 15. This gives all of your sales staff the training, new ideas, creative solutions, helping build more confidence as they find more wins!
Included in this package:
  • Basic, Standard, and Deluxe packages
  • Designed for companies needing access for over 15 users