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Overview of Mortgage 101 courses | Smart Mortgage Training Overview of Mortgage 101 courses | Smart Mortgage Training

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Basics of Mortgage 101

Dive into the fundamentals of mortgage with our comprehensive Mortgage 101 course. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently navigate the world of mortgages and make informed decisions.

Master Mortgage 101

Demystify the world of mortgage financing with Mortgage 101. This user-friendly program simplifies complex concepts, breaks down the mortgage process, and empowers you with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the world of home financing with ease.

Mastery Tools

Our Mastery Tools give you an edge in the mortgage industry. Quickly access relevant information, tailored scenarios, and precise answers with our Mortgage Loan Analysis, Mortgage Glossary Search, and advanced Mortgage AI.

Proven Material

Achieve unparalleled success in the mortgage industry with SMT's proven track record spanning over two decades. Join the ranks of millionaires who have benefited from the same material. Unlock your potential and choose SMT for a prosperous career in mortgages.
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Becoming A Successful Loan Officer

Your comprehensive guide for longevity in the industry

Mortgage 101 Training Courses

Gain the necessary expertise to become a licensed Mortgage Loan Officer with our Mortgage 101 courses. With a remarkable 89% pass rate, you'll be prepared to excel in the SAFE Exam.
Comprehensive MLO training course
89% success rate on SAFE Exam
Condensed material for exam
Access to Glossary of mortgage terms
Mortgage 101 Training courses with a remarkable 89% pass rate | Smart Mortgage Training

Mortgage 101 Tools

For individuals who are not yet licensed, we have developed the Glossary Search feature, allowing you to effortlessly familiarize yourself with mortgage terminology and assess your knowledge through interactive flashcards. We provide beginners and seasoned loan officers with the necessary tools in order for them to provide the best possible customer service.
Glossary Search feature to effortlessly familiarize yourself with mortgage terminology | Smart Mortgage Training

Loan Officer Roadmap

SMT is an all-in-one platform for knowledge and tools you need to be successful in the mortgage industry. Once you complete the Mortgage 101 courses, we have additional courses for new loan officers to be formally trained in the art of taking an application and how to properly educate your clients realize financial success.
Best all-in-one training platform, from Mortgage 101 to Mortgage Mastery, we got you covered | Smart Mortgage Training