What makes Smart Mortgage Training different?

At SMT, we noticed a lack of training and information that actually assists brokers and lenders. Our comprehensive courses and mastery tools were built just for that. SMT is the premier platform to master the mortgage industry and learn the art of selling.

The fundamental continuing education (CE) training and market analysis offered by our competitors falls short because it doesn't give you a true & complete understanding of: Industry knowledge, how to survive, and how to thrive. For those looking for a genuine educational experience, SMT is the only option.

Our mortgage training platform is designed for all loan officers - Mortgage 101 for beginners & Mortgage Mastery for experienced loan officers. Loan officer training is essential to have success & longevity in the mortgage industry, get started with mortgage sales training today!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Smart Mortgage Training is the premier platform for comprehensive mortgage industry education with 20+ years of experience. Our comprehensive courses and mastery tools were built to assist loan officers and lenders succeed in the industry and have longevity.

Our courses range from Mortgage 101 to Mortgage Mastery, helping all loan officers find success.
Yes! This material has created millionaires and a culmination of over 20 years of up and down markets, still being used today. Stop staring at what rates will do and stop struggling! This will change your life and the lives of all your clients!
Check out our packages here. Our wide range of courses are designed to meet the needs of both experienced professionals and those new to the industry. Choose a plan that works best for you, feel free to contact us if you need help deciding!
Online at your own pace! In person training for companies will be available soon! Contact us to learn more here.
You'll learn all the essential information you need to know like mortgage loans, lending, servicing. Additionally, the course will discuss important concepts such as interest rates, loan-to-value ratios, and credit scores, and how they impact the mortgage process. This course covers everything you need to succeed in the industry, from the basics of mortgage loans and lending to advanced topics in servicing. Learn more about our Mortgage 101 training.
Yes! As a mortgage professional, success hinges on your ability to navigate any situation with confidence. Our comprehensive course equips you with essential skills, empowering you to overcome objections, build client trust, and educate them on the mortgage process. Boost your deal-closing potential while instilling confidence and knowledge in your clients. Gain a solid grasp of scripting principles and their practical application through this invaluable course. Learn more about our loan officer training.
Learn about the transformative impact our mortgage training course can have on your career, from expanding your knowledge and expertise to boosting your confidence, increasing your closing ratios, and unlocking new opportunities for professional growth and advancement. Learn more here.