Overview of Smart Mortgage Training courses Overview of Smart Mortgage Training courses
What is Smart Mortgage Training?
SMT provides comprehensive training for mortgages with an array of products designed for anyone to use. Our mission is to give loan officers the tools they need to succeed regardless if they're newly licensed or a seasoned veteran.
Unmatched Courses
SMT is the premier provider of comprehensive mortgage industry education designed by experts with more than 20 years of experience. Our competitors training generally consists of market analysis or basic continuing education (CE) which falls short as it doesn't give participants a true & complete understanding of the industry.
Get Results
Our training is designed to help the newly licensed loan officer, even the seasoned veteran be better equipped to succeed in any rate environment. This material has created millionaires and a culmination of over 20 years of up and down markets, still being used today. Stop staring at what rates will do and stop struggling! This will change your life and the lives of all your clients!
Mastery Tools
Take your mortgage knowledge to the next level with our Mastery Tools. Quickly access relevant information, including subjects, tailored scenarios with our Mortgage Loan Analysis, and our comprehensive list of mortgage terms and definitions with our Mortgage Glossary Search.
Comprehensive Courses
Smart Mortgage Training provides any loan officer the tools they need to successfully close loans and achieve long-term success including comprehensive courses and mastery tools. Our training will help any individual or company who may be struggling, and or seeing high attrition rates. Knowledge is power, and this program will change conversion rates immediately!
Mortgage Loan Analysis | Smart Mortgage Training
Mortgage Loan Analysis
Our one-of-a-kind Mortgage Loan Analysis is designed to help everyone find immediate success when structuring and pitching a loan. Whether a newly licensed loan officer, or a seasoned veteran, this will help you close more loans! A simple plug and play data entry tool anyone can use that provides successful real-time educational responses your client can easily understand the benefits of any loan scenario.
Mortgage Glossary Search | Smart Mortgage Training
Glossary Search
With SMT, you'll never experience the common frustrations of not knowing the correct terminology or definitions in the mortgage world. Simply search for a term and get its clear, concise definition right away. With Basic Mortgage fundamentals and forms with detailed explanation you will be able to further delve into your sales training.